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The year is 2013, Senator Sarah Palin has won the un-winnable election in the USA.  She won in a disputable landslide victory, disputable, as most states had problems with their computerised voting systems.  Still, according to the US registry, they are upholding their decision that Senator Palin is now the President of The USA.

China is still headed by Hu Jintao, who is in his last year of Presidency.  He is looking to change his countries constitution, so he may be able to succeed for another 5 years.

Russia is in the grips of yet another cultural revolution, this time at the hands of their own people.  An uprising of unprecedented pressure is causing trouble throughout the government.  Which is in turn causing disruption around their borders, as their neighbors (such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Georgia) are still harboring anger from Russia’s 40 odd years of Annexation.

France and Germany are still reeling from bringing Greece out of its inevitable financial crisis.  Germany threatening to invade on several occasions, although it is all talk.

Imagine if you will the idealic surrounds of a small island in the Pacific Ocean that is not only the home for a large American Military Base, but is also one of the regions most visited tourist destinations.
It is a very quiet idyllic island; nothing really happens there, the base is there set up for reconnaissance missions through out the pacific, and heading as far across to the Middle East.

In June of 2013 the US Military base on the island is attacked by a little known terrorist group of the region, known as El Hummah.  The group originally hailing from the eastern most part of the Middle East, Moving part of their operaions to the Pacific island, to have more advanced coverage of the area.
Fortunately the attack did not cause much damage, although three American soldiers have been taken hostage, their where abouts are currently unknown.

The well known American tourist destination has been put under temporary lock down, and the American military are currently investigating the where abouts of the three American soldiers.  With sweeping investigations and arrests across the island, the Soldiers are no where to be found.

The first question is, where do we start looking?


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