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Welcome to Quixotic Reasoning, or Quix Reason for short.

The Blog of fully-interactive hypothetical reasoning and play.
For those who don’t know what a hypothetical is; it is a made up situation, in which a person (or persons) make decisions which have an effect on the story.  This is not like a role-playing game, I am not a computer, I am a human being, so there is no mathematical reasoning behind my decisions.  I am not creating new worlds, I am dealing with ours.  Most importantly any retribution that would apply in our world (based on past/present laws/morals/mindsets), will most definitely apply in these stories.

This blog has come about, as I have been trying to write and put together a comedy show, based on the hypothetical format.  Basically instead of having people who are experts in their field, I wanted to replace them with improvisers.  The improvisers would be given characters, in which they would have to stick to for the duration of the show, and would be placed in a hypothetical situation, in which they would act out in their characters.  They would be given about 24-48 hours to round their characters out to workable personalities.

I have always marveled at a well written hypothetical.  Watching Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypothetical when I was younger, always had me hooked.  I loved seeing this man putting people of power in quandaries, and watching them squirm.  My two favourites are “The First Casualty”, and “Should you you tell The President”.

I would still like to work with this concept in a live format at some point in time, but in the mean time…

I thought maybe I might find a way to either stir up debate, or help people from different area’s bring different kinds of understanding to others.

I will drop the first Hypothetical on Sunday 28th February 6pm Australian Est. St., and invite as many people as possible to add a comment and their thoughts (please feel free to spread the word).
Please be warned, this is a situation of first in, best dressed.  These will follow a strict format, and once someones input has been considered, I will run with it, and move the Hypothetical on( I will delete late and irrelevant posts).

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope to have you all logging on at 6pm on Sunday.


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